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Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini - Cherry woven skirt, Brown

Uutuus Mini Rodinin mallistossa: ihana, kirsikkakuvioinen hame! Kevyt materiaali, laskeutuu nätisti. Joustava vyötärö, kuminauhakiristyksellä.

Mallisto: Mini Rodini AW19 Stay Weird

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100 % lyocell*

Lyocell, which is manufactured in a unique closed loop system where the chemicals are recycled instead of leaked out into nature. Lyocell production requires much less use of water and land area compared to cotton and viscose, and the fibers are manufactured using certified wood from spruce and beech trees, making them 100 % biodegradable. Besides being a pioneer in the textile industry, lyocell is a durable, yet soft material that is cool to the touch.


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